Creating computer generated imagery is not my job. Since the day I spent drawing Snoopy in '#' symbols on a mainframe-terminal at my Dad’s work in 1978, CGI has been an addiction. Serving this addiction has meant that despite training as an architect I have, instead, 30 years’ experience in CGI, 25 of which were spent as the G in GMJ, building the Architectural Visualisation industry.  

I am proud to have been at the forefront of CGI from the early days of IBM's 3D CAD in the Eighties, to a Royal Television Society award for TV graphics in the Nineties, to a recent innovation award nomination for a 3D digital model of London. I have had pieces included in the RIBA drawings collection, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and The Sun. I am also proud to have pioneered the process of accurate visuals for planning applications; increasingly, planning applications cannot be made without them. So you can blame me for that. You can also blame me for the widely publicised illustrations of climate change’s catastrophic effects: ‘Postcards from the Future’.

 I now look forward to working for clients personally. Feel free to contact me regarding commissions though frankly, I will be doing this whether commissioned to or not.