The world's best online store for club music and DJ equipment is bucking the trend. Instead of moving online from the high street, they are doing the opposite and opening a shop in the real world: an exclusive space  with a "chilled bookshop vibe" for the world's most discerning vinyl collectors.



A client extending their family house were having trouble picturing their architect's 2D planning application drawings. Over two days I modelled the extension and their furniture and incorporated the client's Pinterest mood board, so they could understand their brilliant new space and how it related to their garden. They also got to start thinking about the effects of different surface finishes. 

The imagery was particularly useful for describing clearly what they wanted to contractors during the build.



This image series, and the design, started as a demonstration to a client about what might fit on the site of a standard semi-detatched house. It soon took on a life of its own as we explored the aesthetic of secret caves, monastic cells, and Japanese "Wabi Sabi": the beauty of impermanence and imperfection, of nature and the handmade.



A tiny but complex re-arrangement of space in a 1970's ex-local-authority house, moving a built-in wardrobe on the landing into the bedroom and re-jigging partition thicknesses to incorporate storage for a new office area.